Be reasonable,

Hi. I’m George Prime.

I’m the author of Reasonable Updates, your guide to a better life! I observe and then write about self-designing better life structures. I believe in minimalism, optimization, patience, and disruption. Let’s see these improve your life!

What’s up with the numbers?

It’s the way you’re meant to read this website to get the most out of it. It’s all thought with a specific flow in mind so make sure to read it all step by step.

1 – The Observer
2 – Context
3 – Patience
4 – Level 2 Thinking
5 – Upcoming
6 – Perspective Shift
7 – Latency and Disruption
8 – Time
9 – Minimalism and Quality
10 – Questions
11 – Exercise


Observation is key to my writing and actually, one of the core mechanisms of this reality. I explain it in detail in my book – Reasonable Updates!


Humans use structure/pattern to create and perceive reality. Self-design is paramount to a healthy mind. I’ll discuss such structures and how to apply them here.


The world changes itself through you, and without your consent. It often uses disruption as its champion tool. Let’s see how you can use disruption on a personal level to surface and become the hero.

This website’s mantra…

I am the Observer. I embrace context and patience. I expand my level 2 thinking in order to secure a place in the upcoming perspective shift. I address latency and submit to disruption. I only report to time for practical reasons. Minimalism and quality will keep me feral for I have many questions. My exercise is never ending expansion, so let me start.

Reasonable Updates
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Forever only you, the observer starts the journey by saying:
“Hmm, I wonder how this will look like in the end?” and create no ignorant expectations on the way there.
Using new technology, you’ll grow your mind and join the present revolution of information.
You’ll never stop reading and researching, for breaking the cycle of the outdated structures is what’s upcoming.
Do not liger! Shifting your perspective to update the self is the most reasonable pursuit you can engage in today.
Latency is never your friend and it must be disrupted.
Understanding the illusion of time brings clarity.
Focusing on evolution, instead, will empower you to control a multidimensional reality and will submit you to exponential growth.
Become a minimalist self-design, self-sufficient free form of live that is forever context aware, patient and exponential!
Question everything!
Exercise simulation as core!
Be reasonable, update!

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