From ignorant to aware

Ignorance is widespread – to the point of being pandemic.

We humans, seem to have a need of simplifying our view of everything that constitutes this reality. We tend to ignore context, complexity, variety, integrality, connectedness, and everything else. We simplify our simulations of the future and our memories of the past.

We judge other people by our own rules and give no second though to the actual reasons (objective or subjective).

We expect things to unfold as linear, and are unmoved in our reasoning of how this world works (although we have no true understanding of it). We haven’t even began to scratch the surface in understanding what we are, why we are here and where is here, but we are so convinced that we know God.

We create false in order to achieve selfish goals, and then are so surprised when we fall into the trap of other people that had the exact same goals.

We don’t even understand what our body needs, but it comes as the biggest surprise when it stops functioning properly.

We don’t even accept the acute need of introspection and self-discovery. Most people prefer leaning about themselves by asking other people their perception of them.

We know not what time is, nor how to use it to our advantage.

We know not what love and happiness are, and apart from fleeing moments of joy we mostly live in fear of what the coming days and years may bring.

We are permanently focused on what is wrong and complain with every chance, disregarding reason.

We prefer being stuck in a small world. We are afraid of zooming out and understanding our place in the bigger picture.

We get stuck in a couple of redundant activities, take the structures we’ve imposed on ourselves for granted and call it a life, while (in the deepest/darkest corners of our mind) looking forward to its ending.

We are literally destroying our home – the Earth, even though it basically means committing suicide in the process.

We are ignorant of all the above, and some will even read these lines and not even stop for a second to really see the truth behind the words.

And still, we strive.

But do we, really?

I think we don’t.

We exist. Better times will come but now we need to address the issue of wide spread ignorance.

We need to become aware of the implications of our actions. We need to become responsible and invest more resources into reading/understanding our context better.

We need to understand that life is complex and ignoring this fact will not do, anymore. We need to expand our minds and live a more aware life.

We need to become aware of self, of consciousness, of the other, of the implications of our activity, of the bigger picture and our place in the collective being.

An ever-unfolding masterpiece is at play, and we’re poor actors, forgetting our lines and stumbling on stage, while the universe is watching.

Stop the madness. Stop searching for who is to blame. Forget about making the world a better place and turn the attention within. Let’s start by creating awareness in the place of greatest impact – inside ourselves.

Expanding our mind, taking the time to observe and understand, breaking inertia and constantly seeking to do our best is good enough. Let’s start here and see 8 billion benevolent beings bringing bliss into this reality. This will be real transformation and disruption of ignorance.

Let’s shift from ignorant to aware and see bliss pouring down and fill our being.

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