From wasting time to gaining time

What makes you feel you are wasting time?

What would gaining time be to you?

What activities would you get involved in, in order to make the most of your available time?

How do you free up time?

Is time fixed, or is it relative to your activity and state of mind?

It time even real? Or is it just an illusion?

Why do we have a chronological age and a biological age?

How do you spend your time?

How much does your time cost in money?

Is money or time more important to you?

Are you engaged in activities that earn you little money, while consuming a lot of time?

Is money exhaustible, or is time the only thing that’s never to be regained?

Let’s make time the default currency for the purpose of this thought experiment and see how this transforms everything.

You see, every time you buy something you actually buy it in time (using time as the currency). Was your car $60,000? Then that makes it easy to calculate how many months (or years) you invested into that.

Doesn’t this make it easier to really understand if stuff’s worth it?

If you must work 1 month to buy a suit, then it’s not worth it. You would be better of spending that time on other stuff/activity or better yet, just relaxing, enjoying time off.

In a world that’s governed by a coin, freedom comes at a price. A different price for any of us, depending on a lot of factors, but we can all put a pretty accurate valuation to it.

Instead of buying the suit I would invest the money in something that has the potential of earning more money, or simply not wasting it to begin with. To me, it’s far more important to afford more time off (not needing to get stuck on a job that rewards me only money).

In order to stop wasting time, we must first understand what time is worth to us. We must put a price (how much time invested) on all activities so we can trim the ones that are wasteful.

By doing unsatisfactory work you, not only waste time but also health, which will also make you lose more time, down the road (when you get sick and need to spend time in bed).

So, you see, it’s paramount to take the time to realize which activities bring real value and which are wasteful. If you do not identify the wasteful ones early, a chain of destruction is started. We need to shed light on this threat and take action, as early as possible.

Shifting from wasting time to gaining time is a process of self-discovery. Using the Observer one must gain as much information as possible on what brings fulfilment, and invest heavily into that.

We all have daily habits that make us waste time and bring no true value. How many start each day by checking out their Facebook profile for 40 minutes?

Time is the ultimate luxury, while we’re still mortals. And who knows, maybe it’ll be so even after transcending mortality.

Let’s acknowledge that we are responsible for how we spend our time and start weeding out everything that’s redundant and unsatisfactory. Let’s put the bulk aside and focus on self-designing a life in which we take advantage of each feeling moment.

Shifting from wasting time to gaining time is a matter of introspection and self-design.

Now is the best time to start this process, and stop habit and inertia from stealing what’s currently our most prized possession.

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