Level 2 Thinking

One of the easiest ways of observing a Level 1 Thinking person is starting a conversation.

I observed that, while addressing an argument (in the midst of a conversation) the other person, instead of listening to my words and trying to understand their meaning, purpose and message, is blindly thinking about his/her reply.

They become ignorant to what I say and act out of pattern. They have predefined answers that they throw out there. They want to be listen to, never contrasted and they never stick to one subject. They link every new idea to something that happened in the past. They have no interest in finding resolution.

While in this circumstance, you’ll notice that there’s often the need of saying “please, let me finish my idea”. But that also makes no difference because while you are doing just that, trying to finish your idea, the other person will block you out and think of different things. His mind is not connected to the conversation, but to his own patterns. Instead of researching and evolving his ideas he’s simply just repeating them.

The purpose of each conversation is for one to explore the universe of the other, try and observe the different elements and not impose/repeat a couple of stale thoughts of irrelevant nature.

So, before I actually have the chance of sending my message across, the other will take the discussion on a different path, changing the subject (without his/her even noticing) because of simplistic and reactive mind.

So this is what I define as to be Level 1 Thinking – a reactive and impatient mind. A person that prefers the simplicity of zombifying thoughts instead of evolution.

And, the most curious thing is that it’s not because of lower IQ or competence, it’s simply a pattern of behavior. I would argue that it’s an app acting at a core level, simply running in the background on low resource consumption.

Exposed to new ideas and potential lifestyle choices, the virtual wall of this type of thinking can be brought down so evolution can take place.

But again, such a thing requires connecting to the Observer. Put to the task of change, this type of mind will only react, so the change can never come from the outside. It can only happen as a revelation, a deeper understanding of one’s place in the context. Zooming out of detail and trying to understand the bigger picture often does the trick.

Why is Level 1 Thinking toxic?

Because it keeps one a prisoner of (simple and outdated) society’s structures. As stated before, society does not want you to evolve – they need people that they can easily manage and manipulate. Society wants power in one place, in their hands and decentralizing it could mean their downfall. So, by evolving, by gaining Level 2 Thinking, you take a small portion of that power, you understand how their system works and become part of the decentralization of power and influence.

How do we stop the widespread Level 1 Thinking brainwash?

You start by refusing all information that they feed you.

Simply put, they control you by controlling the information you come into contact with. Before the internet, that was easy to do because they had control over all of the media channels – each newspaper, each radio station, each published book was subject to their control and altering. An army of workers to do their bidding is their goal and back then it was easier to attain.

Internet was, and still is, disruptive – they were aware of that from the beginning and tried to control and censure it time after time. To our good fortune and chance, they weren’t able to do so. That’s just a fact – disruptive technology means out of control of a particular group. And so is evolving to Level 2 Thinking – it’s disruptive and forever out of their control.

So, to put this plain: cut your TV time-> stop watching TV altogether, actually – there’s nothing there! Watching TV is scavenging, consuming dead or soon to expire information. Doing so will not, by any chance, keep you disconnected to what’s happening in the world – you can get your news online. This will cut their control over how you interpret and digest information.

Information must be taken from independent, raw sources and not from edited, altered mediums (ill intended professionals twisting and turning simple facts in order to claw your attention and feed you junk).

So, change your sources!

Turn off the TV and open Youtube – you can literally find any content on demand.

On demand is the essence here! Why? Because you get to choose the format, you choose the author, you choose how long to keep watching, when you take a break, skip all publicity irrelevant trash, and so on – it’s all by your design and specific needs. You do you!

Take control of your time and mind and stop consuming bulk, putrid information.

Turn off the radio – listen to independent podcasts instead.

Put down the printed newspaper (the ink is toxic by the way) and open a browser – you have access to unlimited information in virtually any field of interest.

Stop taking their privacy lie for granted. If you want to browse incognito you can do so by installing a browser that masks your online activity.

The dark web is soon to become mainstream – complete anonymity, decentralized payment, unbiased and real reviews and opinions, no censorship, no limiting rules – just people enjoying the freedom of direct interaction and exchange. There is no room for middleman (like banks), no room for parasites to tax you and get involved without you asking it.

Gain control! Realize you are unique! You need to consume specific, made-for-you information. And that is only achievable by you designing your own interaction with information. There is free/raw information available and you have the best tools at our disposal (and free).

Being stuck in Level 1 Thinking is very limitative, evolution must take place!

What is keeping you from evolving?

No, really please take the moment to answer that question. Because, I think it is key to kick-starting the transformation.

What is the reason? What is the hindrance? What is keeping you from doing so?

Why would you need someone else to tell you what you like, should enjoy or watch?

What is keeping you from designing each day of your life and enjoying the infinite potential of this world?

What is keeping you trapped inside a small universe, repetitive outdated mind patterns?

Why do you react instead of grow? Why do you feel stuck and should not reach for the next level?

Why do you take other people influence and authority for granted and beneficial, when it’s clear that they don’t, and never will, truly understand you and what you need?

Answer all of these question one by one and all of the other that pop-up, while in the process. This is connecting to your Observer. You stop the inertia and put you and your environment to question. You may notice that a lot of the things you were taking for granted were obsolete.

Level 1 Thinking feeds ignorance and perpetuates false. It means assimilating structures that are clearly outdated and wrong, never questioning them, but taking them for granted, then teaching them to our children (impose them actually), and so on – stop this madness of ignorance!

Enough with accepting this compromise. Until further notice, we have only one thing that we are wasting. Only one true coin – and that is time (as we perceive it).

So, why do people think they afford the luxury of wasting time?

They don’t.

They should stop coming up with pretense just to feed the false. We are actually free to design our life now, not tomorrow, not when this or that happens (when I have more money, or better health, etc…).



Let’s start now, from the inside.

Let’s start a journey to Level 2 Thinking by first accepting the absolute reality of freedom, the responsibility over our own life, immense power of observation and exponential growth potential.

Now, let’s explore what I define as to be Level 2 Thinking.

Most people boast this type of thinking. You’ll notice as soon as interaction takes place. The mind also changes the body. A powerful, complex mind literally changes one’s physiognomy. You can read on the other person a large number of things just by measuring his/her presence.

Complexity is the most important dimension, the added layer that Level 2 Thinking brings to the table.

Level 3 Thinking will not be increased complexity, but the presence of new dimensions. So each new level brings new dimensions. The difference between one level and the next is exponential.

Level 1 Thinking is:

  • Stale patterns
  • Reactive, restless, fearful and defensive mind
  • Needs someone to blame and is content victim
  • Toxic, ignorant, perpetuating false (unaware or purposefully)
  • Pursuing the given structure
  • Fleeing introspection and self-discovery
  • Wasteful, dragging-down attitude
  • Resents new concepts, prefers the old ways
  • Afraid of change
  • Unable to use new technology
  • Egocentric and ignorant
  • Superstitious

I’m not trying to paint a complete picture here – we all know live examples of such people. The features continue by these lines – it’s a big list. I only noted a couple aspects so that we may have clear example of how to spot such a personality. Also, please notice I say personality and not character as all of the above are subject to change. Any one person, having this type of personality, can change it, update and transform into a Level 2 Thinking person.

Level 2 Thinking is:

  • Building layers of complexity
  • Responsible awareness
  • Creative
  • Self-design, self-sufficient oriented
  • Observant, noticing details in relation to the bigger picture
  • On demand zoom in – zoom out ability
  • Searching for reason that is not immediately apparent
  • Ever wondering, questioning and analyzing
  • Actively interested in innovation
  • LOTS -> Lives Outside The System
  • PAO -> changes Perspective, identifies Alternative and secures Opportunity
  • Reads and writes as part of daily routine

So, it’s obvious what Level 2 Thinking implies and how many are its benefits. There’s a wide scale of Level 2 Thinking. Different people boast different amounts of particular features, so I like to think of this scale in version increments (like 2.1, 2.2, 2.6 and so on) – but this is purely theoretical and somewhat irrelevant at this point.

For contrast let’s look at what level 3 implies.

Level 3 Thinking is:

  • Telekinetic and telepathic (empowered by technology)
  • Fully connected to the cloud having access to any information at any time
  • Swarm mentality
  • Interplanetary reach
  • Had transcended mortality and simple biology
  • A symbiotic being, birth at the entanglement of human, organic consciousness and AI

So, again the first thing to observe here is the exponential difference between a Level and the next.

It may seem that Level 3 Thinking is a long way into the future, but I would argue that it’s actually quite around the corner. Each day there are breakthroughs by the hundreds in AI, genome editing, quantum computing, microbiology, nano-technology, robotics, financial systems, etc. Thousands of contemporary Einstein have access to any resource and information. The scale of evolution and innovation is very large, but the masses are unware of this, being caught in simple, latent life.

The world is heading towards decentralization, demonetization, autonomy, abundance, augmented reality, and is doing so at an ever increasing pace. We’ll soon awe at the first immortal human being and the first highly intelligent robot.

While there is no way of knowing with certainty how the future will look like, there’s certainly no doubt about technology’s unstoppable nature. It’s not something we can unplug and shut down.

Creating absurd simulations of robots killing people, and an apocalypse brought by AI, is simplistic and falls into the outdated structure of fear of change. Instead, let’s all focus on how to make the best of the new technology and realize that humankind is on the verge of a huge evolution leap. There’s nothing anyone can do to prevent it from happening. It is expansion, determinism and absolutely organic.

By that time though, let’s improve our Level 2 Thinking. It will make the transition to things to come, way easier.

As mentioned before, complexity is one of the most important dimensions of Level 2 Thinking.

This is because complexity is layered and you can use this to grow more and more aware of the context, and people surrounding you. Connecting to your Observer on a regular basis will make you better at reading patterns and behavior. You can even reach the stage where predicting certain situations, reactions and replies is regular. You can use this to influence a discussion and even the outcome of an event. But, you need to start by observing everything that builds up the context of a given moment. I often like to lay back and just observe, let people be. This gives me the time to build up the profile of each person and see how the context changes and influences them.

Where complexity has a big impact is in direct conversations. You’ll notice that most of the time people tend to reply out of pattern and do not pay attention to how their message is relayed, often falling into the trap of wanting to say something, but being wrongfully interpreted. The message they send is received, but not understood as meant.

So, one very important thing is to choose your words carefully. Take into consideration the general profile of the person you are talking to, before opening your mouth. As much as you can, try to use words that are clear and have no hidden implications. Just as an example, if you are talking to a religious person the word sin has totally different implications than for an atheist.

All words will send a far richer message than you are aware of. Most of the times, people are ignorant of the complete message they send.

It is best practice to pay attention to the body language of the other person while you are talking, as you may notice reactions that show how the message is interpreted. Ask many questions and do not make assumptions. If you feel that the message was not received correctly then take your time to revisit the idea and rephrase it. The second time you’ll also have the experience of how your previous formulation was interpreted.

In a discussion, complexity is empowered by following these simple rules, while building layer upon layer to reach deeper into the source and expand the context to gain broader understanding:

  • Listen (really, calmly listen)
  • Do not interrupt the other person until they’ve finished the idea
  • Do not think of your reply before the other stopped talking
  • Clear your mind, concentrate and connect
  • Focus on their body language
  • Focus on their words
  • Focus on the context the words come in
  • Crosscheck the words with the general profile of the person
  • Ask about the broader context
  • Notice specific words they use
  • Understand how the same words can have different meaning to you
  • Do not offer advice – never
  • Do not take anything personally
  • Refrain from thinking “if I were you”
  • Do not react directly to words, but try to understand their source
  • Uncover the real intention behind the words
  • Remain passive to passive aggressiveness
  • Do not encourage empowering words with feelings
  • Bring the other to notice the broader context
  • Break the narrow sightedness and zoom in and out frequently
  • Observe and direct the discussion to intermediary resolutions
  • Do not encourage victimization
  • Focus on the facts not their interpretation
  • Do not instigate
  • Wonder about what information is the other keeping from you
  • Analyze and connect the dots

The daily focus of a Level 2 Thinking human is centered on self-design. He/she understands the responsibility of taking one’s life into own hands, and strives to become self-sufficient. Depending on a job, on a person or on a commodity (such as a car) is something to be shed. Taking time for introspection each day, spending time alone, in a quite environment to recenter is what builds up a Level 2 mindset.

Writing down the findings of each day is a very important exercise. It should not be focused on story telling but rather on analysis and connecting the dots of expansion. You’ll soon notice that most of the things you write down, come to fruition in the physical world and the reason for this is very simple: writing structures the mind. It helps draw clear paths towards the desired goals. On a macro level, this is actually the general natural flow of creation – we imagine, we define, we design and then we materialize.

Zooming in and out must be a daily exercise as well. Observation is not enough if it’s stuck to a fixed angle. Details take different shapes when confronted with the small and the large scale. We need to see the details in relation to the bigger picture and not simplify, breaking context.

There is more to each moment than what is immediately apparent. Over 90% of the thoughts we have in a day are copies of the thoughts we had the previous day. This is another example of the inertia in which we are living. Instead, we should focus each day on bringing new thoughts into our mind, discover new layers each moment. Strive to search the new, the hidden, the subtle, on every occasion.

Question everything!

Albert Einstein said in an interview that he doesn’t consider himself particularly exceptional, but just very curious. He had a thirst of questioning everything and never taking things for granted. Ever wondering, questioning and analyzing is what keeps a mind focused on constant development and expansion. It’s a healthy process on so many levels.

As stated before, technology is part of our human nature. There is new technology being developed every day. Do not expect to have news of the innovation “delivered to your doorsteps” by TV networks and such outdates sources – if they don’t have an immediate commercial gain for doing so, they have no interest. Instead, actively searching for innovation falls under your direct responsibility and (literally) you have access to the world, right at your fingertips. Never stop reading and researching!