I often observe an excessive urge in people to quickly put a sticker on things they don’t understand. They come in contact with a new thing, and before they’ve even scratched the surface in understanding how it works, they’ve already set a simplistic definition to it and moved on, while taking it for granted.

The internet is not working. Then let’s just punch the screen and hope that magically it starts working again. Punch, and then nothing happens? Ok, let’s start cursing it and the people that tricked us into buying it – someone must be at fault here. I need to find someone to take the blame so that I can direct my new found aggression and hate. Let’s start making some calls. Ha, they put me on hold then this is confirmation that they were expecting me to call. They know that I know that they wanted to trick me. Oh, game on! You motherf~ [curse, curse]… 20 minutes later – What do you mean if I checked the plug? Of course I did {screaming at the operator while noticing the unplugged wire}. You ruined my day, thank you so very much. I will sue you, have a good day! {screaming, while plugging it in and noticing it actually works}.

To self: These people, not making things obvious…

Does this seem familiar? I know I’ve seen this happening many times. And it’s just one example of many.

But where does this come from?

Lack of information and understanding. For some reason people hate going through the process of learning how things work.

They don’t understand how things work, how people work, how society works…

Never asking questions and just presuming that they’ll somehow make the right choices and good things will happen, seems to be factory settings – the default way of conducting oneself through life. The mind-blowing part of it all is that there’s always someone else to blame. Never should one accept responsibility, never should one shed light onto the objective reasons something happens for. God forbid! No, let’s just instead let ignorance force us into madness. Oh, madness such a satisfying drug – isn’t it?

It’s not!

And it must be put to rest.

I understand that in our history for thousands of years, hundreds of generations lived by simple, seemingly never-changing rules. Farmers, hunters – there were a couple of rules to learn and then there was nothing happening on the innovation side of things for ages.

Let’s stop living like that! We live in a world were innovation takes place by the hundreds each hour.

Why is our focus still directed to preserving the old, when it’s obvious that it’s corrupting us on every level?

I’m not saying we should disregard our history, but understand that that was then and this is now. Why are we using the context of long ago to live by now, when everything has changed?

It makes no sense, does it? Then realize it and update!

Information is the answer. Why?

Because it, not only explains how things work (and this by itself improves the quality of your life), but also expands the mind, brings clarity and perspective. It helps us understand ourselves, other people and also very important, context.

Now, while having no access to internet for a couple of hours is not all that serious, there are aspects in our life where not having enough information or understanding of things, may wreak havoc.

So, I see it as mandatory to learn as much as I can and try to prevent the default beliefs from pushing me to presuming and taking assumptions for granted, letting it swap places with real information.

There are now, and forever will be topics on which we simply don’t have access to enough information. What I propose is to refrain from letting imagination take the place of reality and make life choices based on it.

One particular field in which we don’t actually have that much information, or proof still, is religion and God.

Now, before going on, please note there’s a big difference between religion and spirituality.

Spirituality is something much broader and is based on our connection to our self, it’s abstract but felt on a deeper level, purer due to its strong connection to our being (our uniquely created universe). So, it’s personal. We all feel something’s there – and most times we can’t put our finger on it. Putting it in words often takes us farther from the truth and does it no justice.

Religion is not that, religion is something that we humans have written at a given moment in our history. When? To put things into perspective – just a couple of thousand years ago.

How long have we been on this earth? Well much, much longer than that. The earliest fossils of anatomically modern humans are from the Middle Paleolithic, about 200,000 years ago.

There is a lot of discussion on how most religion books are not congruent with reality and, even more concerning, not congruent throughout its text. I’ll not go into that as it’s still an ongoing debate and most people are affected to the core, due to the very powerful and apparently uninstallable beliefs they may have.

What I propose instead is Patience.

Simply having patience and waiting for further information is, I would argue, the best approach to the subject of God.

We barely understand the minimum of how this world work (physics, biology, chemistry, etc) barely taking small steps to defining the dimensions that govern this collective reality but we have the audacity to argue that we know what God is – what the undefinable and timeless is.

We are not even sure (scientifically) if time really exists or is just a mirage but we are aggressive on defining an entity that is beyond anything that we could ever grasp.

To me, humanizing God is a sign of acute ignorance and underdeveloped consciousness.

Why are we doing that? Why paint God as a man, growing a beard, an entity that acts out of primitive reactions like punishment and forgiveness?

Forgive what, punish for what?

Why would the absolute care for, or even notice, the relative?

We are relative to our insignificant views of this world and that has no meaning to the outside.

Other that simply watching (like going to the movies) there is no purpose in intervening because of the relative state of our reality. Anything can be good or bad, depending on perspective. So any action could be judged through the lenses of perspective, so that that nothing is something.

What is judging, punishment, love, hate for an ant?

Nothing. If, for an ant these concepts bear no meaning why would they do so for the creature that transcends time, matter and everything else in between?


We’ll, in 100 or 1 million years, have more information on the universe, what we perceive as reality and God.

Meanwhile, let’s just not humanize God! It’s absurd, and if you want to do it, also note to agree upon the punishment of wrongfully doing so.

What would a punishing God that you wrongfully define think of your error?

Why is so hard to accept that there’s, simply, only one core thing to do – just be reasonable and not cause harm to yourself and other people. You need no guardian to impose that nor do you need someone to appreciate you for acting in good will. Simply do the reasonable good thing and that is that.

As simplistic as it may seem – it’s actually very doable.

There was reason for writing the texts of the current religions, and that is well known. It is part of our history and it got us here.

But my call to you is to live now! It’s 2019 and it’s pretty obvious that living by the laws of a century or a millennia ago cannot be your best bet to a fulfilling life.

But let’s move on from the subject of religion as I know how delicate it can be.

The important thing to note here is patience – applicable at every level, and in any field.

Were for the person mentioned in the example above to have had patience, the problem would have been solved faster and without any negative energy exploding in all directions.

Do this exercise:

Can you identify similar situations in your life? Put this book down, close your eyes and connect to your Observer. Visit such moments as you would watch a TV show and notice your attitude and actions in those moments. There is a lot to learn from reviewing them – lessons to keep for yourself and use to update some beliefs that may harm you subconsciously.

Do this often and see how you gain broader understanding, better perspective and frictionless interactions with self and the other!


I hear people talking about spirit and soul.

And, some even go as far as saying that we are spiritual beings, not human beings. They say: “We are spiritual beings experiencing a human life, not humans experiencing a spiritual life“.

What is that supposed to mean? Other than pure speculation on what spirit is, what human life is and what everything else in between of those concepts is. It’s imagination taken as fact with the added disadvantage of throwing one into a game of insecurity and false.

Spirit and soul are limitative words of what consciousness is. And here’s why:

Consciousness is being awake, being aware, being connected, being integral part of context, being life in any form. It is broad and is the space of becoming. We all know that to be true and it’s simply quite obvious and free of limitation and simplistic interpretation.

Why do we need to spoil this amazingly complex, abstract and timeless state with romantic words like spirit and soul?

What is the spirit and what is the soul I ask?

Do you notice that, the instance I ask that question, your mind fires up and portrays this ghostly figure that is floating within you somehow, maybe near the heart and that is a parasite kind of entity that possesses you and keeps watch on what you are doing? Even more, it seems that your actions are directly influencing it. Making the wrong choices would deem the soul doomed. Why would a visiting ethereal being (that is immaterial) be affected by your material choices? And why is it cursed to stick to your body? And why are you separate from this ghost? You speculate that you are it. Though somehow, you have free choice and can act on your own, disregarding it, but in the process altering it…

I’m totally lost in understanding how this all works and, it’s simply not even relevant.

What is relevant though is how this wording transforms you. As previously noted, all words, ideas and concepts bear potent transformation to how you perceive everything. And again, in lack of proper knowledge and understanding I call for patience and a more correct approach to the subject. A use of proper wording will save us from a lot of suffering.

Find better words to describe this whole thing, have patience so that new and correct information surface and be reasonable – let imagination work its wonder but do not let it lead you on a path of mystic nonsense.

Let me say this plain and simple: We are consciousness, we are technological beings.

We know awareness, we are consciousness of being, of life, of surrounding and have forever invented technology.

Fire is technology, it helped us keep predators at bay and fed us better food.

Carving stone, inventing the wheel is technology.

Creating a complex language is technology.

Having invented religion is technology.

And so on.

When did the soul save us from getting eaten by a saber tooth? When did the soul help us reach farther destinations faster? When did the soul help send across a message so that a different person knows your intentions? When did religion save you from dying?


Did a spear saved you from being eaten by a saber tooth tiger? Did a wheel help your reach new territory and carry heavier things? Did language birth poetry? Did technology saved you from dying?

Many times.

So, you see – we’re creating technology. This is how we express ourselves, even on our deepest level. We’ve been congruent with this reality throughout our existence and we’ve never, ever been able to stop the momentum it created.

Technology is a given. You only need to zoom out to realize that the world is ever changing and the drive the change is technology. It is not the spirit, nor any other mystic thing.

Pay close attention to the technology of language! It is far more powerful than we are aware of. I observe there’s need for humanity to start paying closer attention to how we use it.

Manipulation, lie, misinformation are all created using the technology of language. The reason behind it (I would presume) is a thirst for power and influence. The need for power and influence was also created using language by carving a set of such beliefs in one’s mind.

As we evolve we shed the need of such ignorance, but in the meantime let’s pay closer attention to how some people use words as weapons. Disarming such people may be done collectively by better understanding the use of this technology, asking the right questions and demanding for clarity of speech. Let’s start using plain language so that we all understand the implications.

Technology, of any form, is built upon information and knowledge. Access to information is fuel to exponential growth. Linear growth is not the status quo anymore. The good news is that the doors are now wide open to gaining knowledge. The bad news is that few people are actually taking advantage of this absurdly powerful circumstance.

Think about it…

What was the best kept secret 200 years ago, locked up and under heavy guard in the archives of Vatican is now available to everyone in seconds. Do you realize that you have access to transformative information on demand?

Virtually any type of information is easily attainable. Why aren’t we taking advantage at the fullest? Why do some prefer to brainwash themselves on TV series?

Are you aware of the impact that such information can bring to your life and in turn to the whole world? Wouldn’t you want to be among the elites, creating value, supporting groundbreaking concepts and actively reaching towards self-actualization?

Use technology, use words, use everything available to grow your mind and join the present revolution of information.