Perspective Shift

Let’s go through some of the most important reasonable updates you can do today. While implementing these, you’ll also become aware of other, that are of a more personal nature (that is they are specific to your exact context).

Make notes (literally write down) of how your mind replies and what are the immediate triggered thoughts, when coming into contact with each item in the list below. This is important as it’s the first step in creating awareness over these topics and it brings you to question how you relate to each.

You’ll soon find yourself building upon these first notes. Analyzing and rereading them later on (1 week, 1 month, 1 year later) will put things into a very nice perspective of growth, and you’ll have the breadcrumbs to see how it was all developed.

Revisiting/Reviewing these notes and seeing what changed or evolved, what needs improving and what is still valid is a practice that I highly recommend!

I’ll take each item and comment it. Before you read that, please make sure you make your own notes. I can’t stress enough on how important this is. Write down what are the actionable steps you can take to empower these shifts, you already have this information about you.

Shift your perspective:


So, you see, there are a lot of things to consider when shifting your perspective.

I consider all of the above to be reasonable updates. That’s to say they are the easiest to implement, and provide the strongest foundation. These are the most impactful shifts I identified in my research, but, as mentioned before, you’ll find much more (and more specific ones), according to your context.

The most important thing here is to start this process ASAP, as it’s the most beneficial thing you can do to improve the quality of your life.

Again, it’s not about competition (to other or self), it’s not about achieving status or appreciation, but about becoming, about bringing to surface your best and evolving.

Keep your notes in a safe place, as they’re the most valuable thing you have to structure your becoming. You may often refer to them to shed light on your goals, see how you’ve shifted your perspective and create a timeline of it all.

I suggest using a digital editor (instead of paper and pencil) as things will get layered up. You shouldn’t get stuck because of physical limitations. Mind mapping and expanding your notes will soon creep into the process of creating/editing these notes.

Remember to pursue complexity. Make a habit of reaching deeper into each thought process and identify as many layers as possible. They’re all intertwined. The better you understand context the more accurate revelations you’ll have.

Throughout your notes bring awareness over responsibility. Use your Observer to zoom in and zoom out constantly and empower your curiosity by ever wondering, questioning and analyzing.

Do not forget to take advantage of directives. I use LOTS and PAO throughout. You’ll soon develop your own such directives, and they’ll become great allies.

Put reason in focus and get actively involved into bringing innovation to light.

Uninstall: “do”, separate, alien, lost, disorganized, plain, changing, agitated, blind, narrow, detail, reactive, victim, unstable, fixed, prisoner, their structure, dependent, addicted, seeking approval, copy, living by inertia, living in the past, latent, linear, finite, editing, complacent, wasting time, ignorant, wasteful.

Install: “be”, integral, domestic, found, centered, unique, calm, observant, broad, contextual, patient, hero, balanced, flexible, free form, self-structured, self-sufficient, independent, self-approved, self-designed, full stop, living in the future, spontaneous, exponential, infinite, disrupting, curious, gaining time, aware, optimized.

Do not linger! Shifting your perspective to update the self is the most reasonable pursuit you can engage in today.