Questions are the core of understating anything. Einstein said “Question everything”, and he knew exactly how powerful it is.

Curiosity is a drive that keeps us on a growth path, like a tense rubber band. It keeps pulling us forward, and does so with endless energy.

I’ve internalized the structure of constantly asking questions a long time ago, and I stand by the idea that it’s amazingly powerful. It brings incredible revelations and empowers the Observer like no other tool.

Now, while most questions are relevant only to specific scenarios and are born out of context, here’s a set of questions I directly ask you today.


Because they’re directly relevant to the ideas I shared in this book, and are highly impactful.

My purpose within this book was to put you in front of a mirror. A mirror that reflects not the physical world, nothing material, but your view of it. It reflects your perception of your universe, the only reality you’ll ever know. The most important feature of the mirror I’ve set you in front of, is that it’s an editable surface. That is, you can see your reflection and use it to change your perspective. You see, it’s the mirror of the Observer.

Take your time in answering each and every question. The deeper you dig, the more you gain.

Here we go:

Who are you?

What are you?

Where are you?

What do you pursue?

Are you free, or part of hierarchy?

Do you feel as equal, superior or inferior to other people?

Are you following your own path or have been set upon it?

If so, by whom?

Are you a prisoner of society’s structure?

What arbitrary rules do you follow?

Is society providing to your specific needs?

What are your present needs?

Are you taking action now, or postponing until a certain event takes place in the future?

Have you ever taken the time to self-design, or do you find comfort in having other instill the designs?

Do you feel free to choose your beliefs?

How do you feel about comparing your mind to a computer?

Are you aware of your capacity of installing/uninstalling any belief/structure?

What beliefs did you internalize while growing up and are now negatively influencing you?

What early childhood beliefs are you still taking for granted?

Did you feel loved?

Is there a moment in your childhood you felt forsaken?

Who put you down, made you feel you’re not enough and said you’ll fail in life?

Where they aware of doing so?

What were their reasons?

Have you had a moment in your life when suffering put you to search deep within, to understand the source?

Did you ever felt depressed and failing to understand the reasons of being alive?

Have you ever hit rock bottom? When? How?

Are you comfortable spending time by yourself?

Are you the type of person that notices details?

Do you often engage in introspection and self-analysis?

What is the reason you engage in any activity?

What are your routines?

Do you do them because you feel it’s the status quo, or is it because you have subjective interests?

What activities make you feel connected (fascinate you while performing)?

Are you aware of the complexity of this world, or are you habitually simplifying it?

Can words other people say to you change how you interpret reality?

Do you think words and ideas have power?

Do you use words to manipulate other?

Is language a very powerful technology?

Are you at any risk when put in front of new concepts?

Do you assume responsibility over what information you digest?

What info sources do you prefer?

Do these influence you or do you feel passive to them?

Do you understand what the Observer is?

Is observation a core mechanisms of this reality?

Is your Observer the most powerful tool?

Is everything we perceive subject to structure?

Can anything exist outside of structure?

Do we use structures/patterns to learn and assimilate new things?

Can anything exist if there is nothing to observe/perceive it?

Is the Observer core, primordial, primary and prime?

Is observation the process of awakening to the revelation of existence?

What does “Connect to your Observer” mean?

What is the “Observer state”?

Are you able to connect to your Observer?

What can your Observer help you with?

In what areas of your life do you feel you’ve lost control, and are currently in inertia?

Do you understand how you process reality?

How do you feel about constantly updating your beliefs/structures?

Are you actively involved in your becoming and evolution of prefer plateauing?

Are you a reactive person, or calm and response able?

What role do you assume on the stage of your life?

Do you fully understand yourself and how you think?

Do you understand how a different person perceives reality?

Is that possible, even marginally?

May your reality be parallel to the one of a different person?

Is it fair to assume that they live in a parallel universe, taking into consideration that they interpret everything differently and have been subject to a unique set of events, people, feelings, genetics and teachings?

What’s the last belief you’ve installed and when?

Was it an update or a completely new one?

Was it influenced by other or was a personal revelation?

Do you agree that expansion is a fundamental law of this universe?

Is expansion your goal?

What is you purpose in life?

Do you feel constrained to become rich, or supposed to pursue a career?

What is success to you?

What is happiness to you?

What is money to you?

What is health to you?

What is love to you?

What is false about how these are presented by society?

Do you want to be a hero of your story, or feel passive to it?

Do you want to play and win the game of life, or are just passively waiting for it to finish?

Do you know the rules of this game?


What is context to you?

Are you aware of its importance?

Do you feel that people ignore context?

Did you ever say “If I were you”?

In what circumstances?

Do you feel it’s reasonable to think it?

What was the trigger of such thought?

Do you judge people?

Who are the people you feel you simply can’t understand?

Who do you feel is constantly making wrong choices?

Do you give advice? Why?

Do you take advice? Why?

Can you predict the future?

Could the advice you give cause harm?

While giving advice, are you trying to help other or just seek confirmation of your ways?

Where does the need of helping other come from?

Do you compare to other?

Do you compare yourself to a previous version of you?

Have you changed, or have you become?

Have you evolved?

What inspired you to do so?


Are you patient?

Do you take enough time to really understand before reacting?

Do you presume or research?

Do you enjoy the process of researching?

Do you set blame?

What do you base your life choices on?

Are you a religious person?

Do you sin?

What is spirituality?

What is religion?

What is God, to religion?

Do you humanize God?

What is God, to you?

Do you expect reward and punishment?

Is God watching now?

Are you a reasonable person?

Do you do good to gain favor, or without a hidden agenda?

Do you have a soul?

What is the soul and the spirit?

Are you conscious?

What is consciousness?

Are you spiritual or technological?

What technology do you have access to?

What technology do you use and have around?

Is technology helpful?

Is it making your life better or worse? In what ways?

Can you stop the evolution of technology?

How fast is technology evolving?

What feeling does this realization bring?

Do you fear technology?

May it pose any risk to you?

Do you feel that language is technology?

Was is ever used to manipulate you?


What is Level 1 Thinking?

Do you feel that ignorance and false is wide spread?

Can ignorance be taught, and can it spread like a virus?

Did you ever feel unable to relay a message, while having a conversation?

What was the reason?

Do you chose your words well, and are you aware of their impact on the other?

What patterns can you identify in your interlocutor?

Was the other person open-minded?

What is the purpose of a conversation?

Do you read body-language?

What do you do when you get the feeling that your message was not understood correctly?

Are you a good listener?

Do you interrupt people when they talk?

Do you consider the context in which the words come to be important?

Are there words that may have different meaning to different persons?

Are you aware of the hidden intentions within a conversation?

Do you react to certain words? What are they?

Do you encourage empowering words with feelings?

Are you targeting resolutions?

Do you encourage victimization?

Do you focus of facts or their interpretation?

Do you like to instigate and run tests?

Is Level 1 Thinking toxic?

Do you put your environment to question?

Can society make you a captive of its structures?

Can you identify what are the outdated structures of society?

Does society have any reasons for brainwashing and manipulating the population?

What is your place in it?

Do you prefer submitting to society or regaining power, by seeing it decentralized?

Were from do you get your news?

May the news be used as means of control?

Do you watch TV? Is it a habit?

Does it bring added value?

It is limited or does it offer unlimited different perspectives?

Would you prefer to get your news from independent and raw sources?

Do you select your content?

What is on-demand content?

What such sources can you identify?

Are you making full use of disruptive mediums like the internet?

What outdated patterns can you identify in your behavior and mindset?

What are you fearful of?

What are you reactive to?

Do you feel restless?

Do you feel the need to set the blame?

Who is at fault? Is it you or the other?

What are you ignorant of?

What given structure are you pursuing?

Do you engage in introspection?

What triggers it?

What new concepts and technology are you resentful of?

Are you afraid of change?

Are you skillful at using new technology?

Do you consider yourself egocentric?

Are you superstitious?

What is Level 2 Thinking?

Do you embrace and pursue complexity?

What are its benefits?

Do you set your understanding of things in layers?

Are you responsible and aware?

Are you creative?

Do you prefer to self-design?

What self-designs can you identify and further develop?

Are you self-sufficient?

Are you observant?

Can you zoom in and out on demand?

Do you take the necessary time to research the reasons that are not immediately apparent?

Do you wonder, question and analyze?

Are you actively interested in innovation?

Do you live inside the given system or outside of it?

Do you change your perspective?

Do you identify alternatives?

Do you secure opportunity?

Do you read?

Do you write?

Are you curious by nature?

What is Level 3 Thinking?

Do you simulate on how future technology may help humanity and improve our lives?

Do you want to become immortal?

How do you feel about connecting your mind to the internet?

What would this imply?

Are you concerned about your privacy?

What is the most sensitive information you want to keep private?

Do you have control over it?

Can you ensure it stays private?


What do you think is upcoming and how will the world transform?

Did humanity go through intense suffering?

Can we compare humankind to a person?

What are the similarities?

What stage is humankind in now?

Can you change the world, or is it an illusion?

What does changing the world mean and imply?

What are the reasons for trying such a thing?

Do you completely understand how the world works, on each and every level?

Are you aware of your exact position, in relation to everything else?

Can you ensure the outcome will benefit all, to the very last person involved?

It the world rather changing itself, through you?

Is it aware and constantly evolving?

Is humankind in transition?

Are outdated structures being disrupted?

Did you notice this happening? When and where?

Is there a perspective shift taking place?


What does updating mean to you?

What are the first reasonable updates that come to mind?

What activities are you engaged in, forcefully?

Do you have a keep-busy attitude to life?

Do you do things out of fear of missing out?

What are your true passions?

What is oneness?

Do you feel integral?

Do you feel connected to your environment?

Do you feel domestic?

What makes you feel lost?

What are your conflicting beliefs/structures?

Do you feel shacked or constrained by society?

Do you have a clear path ahead?

Do you have a map of your life and purpose?

What brings you fulfilment?

Are you living your purpose or following other’s directions?

Do you listen to your inner voice?

Do you see life as a journey or do you only focus on the destination?

Do you find joy in this journey?

What are the most repetitive and redundant things you do?

How do you stop the mind from becoming agitated and out of focus?

Do you often engage in centering you mind?

How do you center your mind?

Do you meditate?

What are your mantras?

What creates your inside clutter?

Do you feel plain?

Do you feel unique?

Do other seem they’re living the life?

What would make your life better right now?

What illusions does social media create?

Can you become a hero?

What are your talents, skills and superpowers?

How do you become the best version of yourself?

Do you love your life?

Is there something wrong with you?

Are you part of a broader design?

Do you fear change?

Do you need to change, or to become?

What is becoming, to you?

Do you have a habit of self-diagnose?

Does the state of your mind influence how you perceive reality?

Do you find value in calmness?

Why are you agitated? Is it a thing of habit?

What are the elements, the people and the events that bring you to this state?

How is it affecting your body and your actions?

Does this make you vulnerable?

Are you aware of the opportunities life presents?

What are you blind to?

When do you act out of pattern?

Do you gamify life?

Do you fell the world is a small place? Why?

Do you focus on broadening your field of view?

Do you actively seek expanding the mind?

In what areas do you feel you have a narrow perspective?

Do you have preconceived ideas? What are they?

Are they part of your identity?

Can you lose your identity?

Can your identity be remodeled and refined?

Do you focus on the details?

Does anything exist outside of context?

What report is there between detail and context?

What is a zoom in – zoom out exercise?

Where can you apply it?

Is your focus on your internal, or you external world?

What is the connection between these two?

What part should you focus on, in order to evolve faster and better?

How do you define yourself?

Are you trapped in your body, or do you exist at the merger of internal and external?

Are you a reactive person?

What do you most often react to?

Do you take your time to properly understand a given situation?

Do you act out of pattern, or out of presence and observation?

What is suffering?

Can anything good come out of it?

Are you a victim? What event triggered this?

Do you have control over how you perceive yourself?

Is there any objective, real reason for choosing to report to yourself as the victim?

What is a hero, to you?

Do you want to be a hero?

Is the hero’s journey easy or difficult?

What turns a person into a hero?

Is suffering part of being a hero?

Is it a symptom?

Can you use it as a tool?

Do you complain? Why?

What does it take to trust yourself?

What creates uncertainty in your mind?

Are you actively pursuing information and facts?

Is knowledge power?

Do you make assumptions? Regarding what?

Did this ever help? How?

What is it you’ve identified with? Are you the traveler, the career type, the family type …?

Are you set on this and feel stuck?

When did you install this identity of yourself?

Is it still relevant?

What advantages and disadvantages does it bring?

Can you update the personae you’ve created and identified with?

Who would you like to be now?

What keeps you from being that?

Is adaptation important, or to be feared?

Do you feel free?

Are you a free form of life, free to choose, free to question, free to expand, free to do or not to do?

Are you afraid of choosing your own path (instead of following one that’s imposed by society)?

What can go wrong?

What good can come out of it?

What energy is needed to make this shift?

Do you care how the other perceive you?

How does that change your actions?

It this worth it?

What gets you out of bed, each morning?

Is pleasing the other part of it? How and why?

Do you need approval and appreciation? From who?

When do you, do you?

Does anyone fully understand you?

Were you brought into this world alone? How will you leave it?

Do you want happiness, riches and possession because this is the given, or because it personally makes sense to you?

What is your structure?

Have you had the chance to define it in detail?

How much of what you have in your life (or dream of having) is your design, and how much is what other sell you to be the Holy Grail?

Do you go to your workplace out of passion, or is it just a hamster wheel you need to keep spinning?

Are you still running the treadmill in order to raise money to buy stuff?

Do you understand the real value of stuff, or do you just take that for granted because it’s what others do, say or have?

Are you aware of your timeline – do you have a clear chronology of the most important events in your life?

Do you have a bucket list – what do you want to experience in this life?

What is your fundamental currency – time or money?

What are your personal directives?

Do you live inside or outside of the system?

Is this a good thing or a bad thing, to you?

What is it exactly you need from the other – shelter, money, water, comfort, love, inspiration, guidance?

What is it that you can’t create yourself?

Do you agree that the powerful prey on the weak?

Who, in your life, sees you as weak?

What are they feeding on – your kindness, your love, your trust? What are they taking advantage of and never give back?

How do you free yourself from this situation?

How do you stop being the weak one?

How can you become self-sufficient?

On what regards do you feel needy?

How can you break all dependencies?

How do you disrupt complaining?

Can you use your Observer to identify what makes you seem weak, in report to the other?

How do you become resilient?

How do you build up integrity?

Narcotics? Tobacco? Alcohol? Chocolate? Coffee? Sugar? TV? What’s your favorite poison?

Is this the person you want to be? The person that lost control over their own body? The person that is the victim of habit? The person that knows is on a destructive path, but doesn’t want to stop inertia?

What advantages do they bring?

Does it worth it?

What’s the currency you’re paying in for the quick fix? Is it just money or more?

Can you disrupt your dependencies?

Do you really want to?

Is it hard?

Is it worth it?

Can anyone do it?

Do you need approval of other people?

Are you good enough, as you are?

Can you be perfect?

Are we all just work in progress?

Do you self-approve?

Who are the naysayers, in your life?

Who are your mentors?

Who inspires you?

Do you copy them?

Can you self-design?

What areas of your life do you self-design?

How often do you do that?

What are your unique personality traits, talents and skills?

How creative can you be, while self-designing?

It there any limit to self-design?

Is self-design mandatory?

How often do you fine tune?

How many of your daily activities are inertia/habit/routine?

When was the last time you stopped for a second to consider that?

What is the main resource that we spend and never get back?

Are you fleeing from innate responsibility? In what way?

Do you like your job, the food on your plate, the university you’re attending, you neighborhood, your relationships?

What is subject to inertia, in regards to these?

Is doing noting also a choice?

Do you control your time?

Are you living in the past?

What is latency?

What outdated structures are you a prisoner of?

How do you disrupt them?

What are the benefits of disrupting them?

Is technology an important part of your life?

Are you spontaneous?

Do you do new things often?

Do you experiment the new and exercise vitality?

What would be the benefits of doing so?

Do you find yourself relieving past events?

Does the new scare you? In what way?

Do you live your life in a linear fashion? In regards to what?

Is it the best approach to life?

What’s the definition of exponential?

In what areas of your life can you develop exponential growth?

How fast is the world changing?

Is technology developing in an exponential or linear manner?

Is our growth potential finite or infinite?

Is it hard to lean a new skill?

What is the main hindrance in learning something new?

Do you find joy in learning new skills?

Do you like inventing stuff and creating value?

How much to you invest in expanding your mind?

Is your mind your greatest tool?

Where were all physical things first created?

Is the universe infinite?

Is your mind infinite?

Is there endless variety and possibility?

Do humans have the tendency of simplifying everything?

Did you already do everything there’s to be done on Earth?

Have you ever thought that your life’s over, that there’s no possible joy left?

Have you ever felt suicidal?

Are you aware that life is all there is?

What is outside of life?

Can dying have any other interpretation than game over?

Are you fascinated with life?

What brings you awe?

Would you like to be immortal?

When something’s no working in your life do you patch it up, or disrupt it?

How do you override and overwrite old patterns?

Do you think that all outside structures where created with your best interest in mind?

What are you taking for granted?

Are you often engaged in asking many questions?

Do you feel shame when you don’t know something?

Do you prefer to hide it, or ask and learn?

Are you living your life focused on the journey, or on the destination?

What can the destination bring?

How much time do you expect to spend while in process/journey, and how much at the end/destination?

Did society teach you to focus on the process or the goal?

Is there fascination to be found in the process?

Do you expect to achieve everlasting happiness upon reaching your destination?

In what areas of your life do you feel you’ve become complacent?

How much do you linger upon reaching a goal, before setting the next one?

What makes you feel you’re wasting time?

What would gaining time be to you?

What activities would you get involved in, in order to make the most of your available time?

How do you free up time?

Is time fixed, or is it relative to your activity and state of mind?

It time even real? Or is it just an illusion?

Why do we have a chronological age and a biological age?

How do you spend your time?

How much does your time cost, in money?

Is money or time more important to you?

Are you engaged in activities that earn you little money, while consuming a lot of time?

Is money exhaustible, or is time the only thing that’s never to be regained?

Can you make time your fundamental currency?

How much time do you invest in buying stuff?

What possessions are really worth your time?

Are there more important things to invest time in, other than buying stuff?

Which activities bring true value and which are wasteful, to you?

What redundant activities can you weed out?

Do you feel that ignorance is widespread?

Is ignorance a disease humankind is currently experiencing?

Do you often see people simplifying and ignoring context?

Are variety, integrality and connectedness often ignored?

Do human oversimplify their simulations of the future and memories of the past?

Do people expect things to unfold in a linear fashion?

Do you fully understand how your body, and the whole world works?

How much time do you invest into becoming aware of the implications of your actions?

How do you become aware of self, of consciousness, of the other, of the bigger picture and your place in the collective being we name humanity?

Do you feel like a god, or a poor performing artist in the play of life?

Is the universe watching you perform?

Who is to blame?

What is blame?

Is blame necessary, or is it simply a toxic structure that needs uninstalling?

Do you think about, and expect to make the world a better place?

Is it possible and how do you ensure its proceeding?

Are you benevolent?

Is that enough?

Is expanding our mind, talking the time to observe and understand, breaking inertia and constantly seeking to do your best good enough?

What is optimization?

How do you apply it, in your life?

Who are the 5 people you spend most time with?

How do they influence you?

How do they inspire you?

What structures do you copy from them?

What structures do they learn from you?

Is there an end to optimization, or is it an ongoing process throughout your life?

Can environment influence you?

What is the relation between the environment and you?

Is it a constant, symbiotic design editing process?

Is your home optimized?

How do you get rid of clutter?

Is your work optimized?

How do you stop redundant tasks?

Are your relationships optimized?

How do you become free of toxic relationships?

Is your sleep optimized?

Are your information sources optimized?

Is your mind optimized?

How do you gain control of your mind, and use it as an on-demand tool?

Is your Observer optimized?

How often do you exercise it?

Do you get attached to objects? Why?

What do you do with things you don’t use?

What is disruption?

Is latency slowing down expansion?

How do you disrupt latency?

Are you victim of habit?

How many of your thoughts are the same as the previous day?

Are you aware of the benefits technology brings?

Is human nature dependent of freedom?

Are most big companies built on a need to know bases?

Does this create a gap in understanding context?

Is power centralized or decentralized?

Will this change in the near future?

What industries are currently on the verge of bankruptcy?

How do you take advantage of disruption on a personal level?

What beliefs are hurting you and forcing you into latency?

Is editing old patterns good enough?

Is disruption more efficient than patching up or editing?

Is disruption actually the only way to update and truly evolve?

What are the mechanics of using disruption on a personal level?

What areas of your life need disruption?

What patterns that were installed in early childhood are still in use?

Which of them generate suffering?

Can you easily disrupt them?

How will their immune system react?

Have you run your simulations of possible outcomes and implications?

Who is an energy vampire in your life?

Can you use your Observer to identify such people?

Who feeds on your respect?

Who feeds on your love?

Who feeds on your attention?

Who feeds on your support?

Who keeps you in a mesmerized state, not being aware of a transfer taking place?

Are the implications superficial or deeply impactful? In what way?


What is time?

Is time scientifically proven to exist?

Is time just an illusion?

Do you focus on the present, the past or the future?

What is the past?

Do you interpret the past events, or are they recorded as facts and never altered?

Do we forget parts of the past?

What are memories?

Do we have control over our memories?

Is the past just a matter of stored memory?

Do you relieve, or review the past?

Can you travel back in time?

Do you need a machine or just access to your memories?

Do you have the ability of changing the perspective of virtually anything that happened to you?

Why would you want to edit past events?

Can you use your Observer to edit the past?

Can you change your personal past by overwriting your interpretation of specific events?

How much of your current suffering is trigger by events that happened in your childhood?

What is the future?

May anyone read the future?

How complex is reality, how many factors play part in designing each moment?

Do you feel subject to the passing of time?

What is your chronological age?

What is your biological age?

Why don’t they match?

What is the average lifespan of humans?

May humans achieve immortality? In what form?

Will you ever experience anything else than the present?

Can you shift your focus from time to evolution?

Do you have limited time in this reality?

Is evolution unlimited?

Does evolution imply never ending possibility and unlimited growth?

Does time have practical use?

Does reporting your existence to time bring any disadvantages?

Does getting old make you feel bad?

Do you linger on the past?

Do you put your life on pause, expecting future events to take place first?

Do you know how much time you’ve still left?

Do you spend your life doing things in fear of time passing out?

Can you shift your focus from linear to exponential?

What is adaptability?

What explosive, exponential patterns can you identify in your life?

Are you captive of a single career path or activity, for your entire life? Why?

How many talents and skills are you currently developing?

Can you learn anything at any age?

How much do you read each day?

How many new things do you learn each day?

Are you actively involved in researching and understanding technology and innovation?

How much emphasis do you put on alternatives and opportunities?

Are you afraid of starting from scratch?

How often do you hit the “save” button?

How’s your investment portfolio? Is it broad enough?

What role play outside dogmas in your life?

Do you center to your perception of reality?

Have you internalized that you have absolute control over your evolution and infinite potential?

Are you a slave of time or is time your tool?

Can you shift your focus from an arrow of time to a staircase of expansion?

Can you move up and down on a staircase of expansion?

Are you the absolute editor of your perception of reality?

Can you shift your focus from one-dimensional to multidimensional?

Does multidimensional imply unlimited complexity?

How many layers of complexity can you identify?

Do you make a habit of finding as many layers of complexity as you can?

What do you prefer – time or evolution?

What seems more reasonable?

Should you update your perspective?

How do you shift to the new patterns?


While evolving, do things become bigger or smaller?

Do species reach inwards or outwards?

Could an entire civilization live on a crystal?

What makes us human?

Can we still be considered human, if in the future we’ll live in a virtual reality?

Is reality just a matter of imagination and perception?

Could the universe exist, if there was no one to observe its existence?

Are you creating reality by expanding your Observer?

Is consciousness all about expansion and imagination?

Should consciousness, which is infinite, be limited by a finite, organic body?

Could humans evolve and shed the organic body?

Would you like to be able to choose the world you live in, like in a game?

Can you imagine, at this point, the full potential of virtual reality and the power of simulating reality?

Is it possible that in the future reality will be simulated?

Could we be in a simulation right now?

What is minimalism to you?

Can minimalism be liberating?

May owning many useless stuff be considered primitive?

Do you get attached to things?

Is there any way possession is a hindrance to you?

What is it that brings quality in your life?

How many of your possessions brought the promised comfort and joy?

How long did the benefits last?

Can you identify stuff that is making you waste resources (time and money)?

What is the pattern that’s creating the need of buying and owning more stuff?

Does minimalism imply frugality?

Is minimalism liberating or limitative?

Can the inertia of possession create false structure?

Is stuff losing or gaining value, as time passes?

Do you optimize your living space?

What do you do with things you don’t need anymore?

What is a SiGiTi method?

Is practicality a main feature you look for, in the things you buy?

Do you prefer possession or rental?

Could shifting your perspective to renting stuff be more economic?

How much money are you wasting away in stuff you no longer need, but still keep around?

Is minimalism a choice of understanding value and quality?

What part does optimization play in the structure of minimalism?

Do you optimize your mind?

How do you do it?

Is everything that we experience created first in the mind?

Can minimalism set a strong foundation to empower consciousness?

Do you question everything?

Question everything!