The observer

I never wanted to get tangled up in the ways of the society to begin with…

Some rules are penciled in, people learn as they go and try to find a place to fit in. Most get a job and think that making their boss happy is enough. It’s not enough for me. I don’t even accept what „having a boss” implies. It’s wrong on so many levels. It’s not about hierarchy – that’s needed. It’s about how people are transformed by wrongfully understanding their place in report to the other. People are all equal, make no mistake about that. We need hierarchy to create more complex solutions but we should never forget that we’re all equal.

Society tells you that you should go to school, then to college, then get a job, get married, have a family and die – dying being a very important part. Why? Because you need to disappear before you become a burden. You are needed as a young mind to bring innovation to the table, you are very important as a middle age human to work and pay tax, but as an older person you become a burden to society.

They sell you the dream of spending your retirement years traveling and enjoying life but actually they hope you somehow disappear sooner than later so that they won’t need to support you through sickness and old age.

You are supposed to pass into the unknown while following the same structure as millions upon millions of people. That’s their trap – the structure. Being a prisoner of their structure is what society needs so that they can easily manipulate you.

Please note you can create your own structures – you don’t need theirs! If you zoom out and take a look at our history you’ll see that most of the rules of the present society were created not so long ago. The rules are changed over time, adapted to fit the needs of the few, the elites that throughout history managed to find more and more subtle ways of slavery.

Slavery meant being in chains. You were shacked up and beaten – it was obvious you are a slave. Now, it’s not that obvious but it’s still the reality. Now, the chains are of a more subtle nature – being in debt to the banks, being dependent on a corrupt political/healthcare/education/[insert your “favorite”] system.

Collectively waking up to this reality and rejecting its ways is just a matter of time, and we’re now in full transition. This revolution is fueled by access to information. Information empowered by technology, ideas and creativity is what literally saved our lives and will forever do so.

Let this sink in a little bit: You have no obligation to follow arbitrary rules. You are a human being, a free form a life that defines its own existence and never needs the approval of any other entity. Your life is your own to design.

Now, the influence of society’s corrupt structure is undeniably overwhelming. Still, we grow up being taught how to function in the belly of this abomination. Completely ignoring the unique traits of the individual, our teachers, unknowing (although well intended) parents and all other people that we come into contact with in our early life dulls our creativity and fascination for life.

Let me compare a human to a computer in order to make a simple point here (I’ll be using this parallel throughout this book). Being installed all of these corrupt apps in early life, we need to spend amazing amounts of energy in order to first uninstall these apps and replace them with better, more actual ones later on.

I think, somehow, the amount of corrupt apps they installed on “my drive” was too much, so the bubble burst. A moment of intense suffering in my life brought me to my knees and made me reconsider all of the core beliefs that were embedded into my mind. Not what caused it is relevant, but how it transformed me, how it made me realize how wrong I was about a large number of things.

But how can one create the awareness that is necessary to bring forth such realization?

Hitting rock bottom does this to you. It’s may be a core app that puts you in maintenance mode. Nothing makes sense, nothing is right, nothing’s worth living for, it’s all pointless – it’s a switch that opens you to intense observation. You enter deep learning mode – that is, you stop taking things for granted and start questioning everything. And it is mind blowing, in the most beautiful and healthy way possible.

Please note this requires purity of thought – and by this I mean you absolutely must be by yourself. Throughout this period the most import things are introspection, analysis and new ideas. It must be done by digging deeper and questioning everything. You need to read a lot to explore the concepts (within the questions) that pop up at the time. You cannot achieve this by directly engaging in face to face conversations with other people. The information will be altered each and every time there is someone else there. All ideas must spring into existence from the purity of your own mind. Introspection, analysis and fascination are the most important tools at your disposal if you want to achieve real, lasting change.

This is not to say you need to go into the woods and completely isolate yourself and have no human contact. No way. I’m simply saying that all of the conclusions you reach must be your own. Seeking approval and confirmation (because this is what we do when having conversations with other people) will corrupt your findings. While researching and reading do not think about what your mom, brother or wife think about all of these. No. Simply let it grow in your mind, like a seed on a virgin land.

So, my crisis pushed me to this new way of live. I no longer functioned 100% on corrupt structures, but started to question everything and to become aware of my Observer. I found intense joy in learning about human nature, how we perceive time and free will and I used my Observer to gain insight into how people conduct themselves, how they react in different circumstances and more importantly where I stand in report to all of these. Over time, I gained a unique type of calmness – it’s a state of mind in which I do not react and do not judge, only observe the nuances of the particular situation. No occasion was too small and all provided creative insight that helped construct a more complex awareness. From people riding the subway to taking dinner in the company of millionaires or business executives, all fascinate me. The variety is purely sublime.

Observation is the center of my world and the key to writing this book. I am humbled in the face of the complexity of human mind and nature but also completely horrified by the wide spread ignorance and false.

I’m not trying to change the world by writing this book, as I think that’s just a false path on which a simple, lost-in-the-details mind would lead someone upon. Out of simplicity and lack of proper perspective over the bigger picture people say “let’s change the world”, as if they are beings from outside of this world and would be able to influence the whole body. When actually, we are all part of this body that is the world and we are all acting in absolute connection to it all. The body created us with the purpose of bringing forth a message. The world is forever just changing itself, constantly evolving and expanding through all of its systems. I, you and all beings, we all are part of this system. You are not changing the world, rather the world is changing itself, evolving though you! (I’ll get into more details in a later chapter.)

So, I’m merely expressing my function in this system, doing my part, writing these words down. Let’s see what the world had in mind when it put me to the task…

But why would you care about that and continue reading this book?


  1. I will uncover one of the core mechanisms of this reality.
  2. I will help you develop your most powerful tool – your Observer.
  3. I will set you upon a path of growth, by updating your perspective via reasonable, easy to understand structures.

Now, there’s a thing you need to know before moving on: our minds are very flexible. Most times, without us even noticing, we are exposed to radicle change. Rather naked, the unprepared mind can be altered by what seems like simple words.

Let me ask you:

– How many times was your mood altered by hearing someone complain? Their words digging into your mind and activating different reactions…

– How many times after hearing a friend’s success story made you think you should at least try to recreate it, maybe you get lucky as well?

The examples are many. The point is that words will influence you! A lot!

If random, uninstructed language can affect you – do you realize the potential of purposefully focused language? The change it will bring to your mind is (and I guarantee this) irreversible.

Now, my point here is two-fold. First and foremost we have a responsibility to carefully choose what ideas we consume and secondly there is no way to know how you may be altered by a new idea.

You see, you already have thousands of beliefs that constantly interact to dictate your response in any given situation. When a new idea comes into play, it will be processed by this complex system, it will adapted and assimilated.

Simply put, if you were not previously aware of the ideas that you’ll be reading in the following pages, please note they’ll change you!

One other thing to mention here is that we never forget these type of things.

Sure, we forget details, we forget names we forget all sort of things. We forget the exact idea that created a certain belief set. But beliefs are there to stay. They can be edited, transformed, but that’s no easy task.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr said: One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.

In time you’ll see the truth behind of this. Back in the day, when I started my introspection, I was researching out of thirst. I was desperate to find answers to my struggle. And my biggest fear at the time was that I would forget the teachings and I will fail to live by them.

I was mistaking – I could never go back to “default settings”. It takes a while for a new idea to creep in, but it’s there to stay.

After I’ve discovered my Observer, I ended up living at the edge of the society. And by that, I mean I’ve designed a beautiful life that never falls within the strict frames of what society imposes. I now live a purer life, one that’s focused on expanding my consciousness and enjoying the true benefits of being human. I’ll not discuss the specifics of my life here, though. My goal is to shed light on the absurd things that people take for granted and, without them even knowing, are heavily impacting their life for the worse.

But, let’s get to the point!

Let’s see what the Observer is!

Everything has a code, a design. To humans, this code is structure.

We, humans, have the ability to observe structure. This is how we learn, how we perceive, how we interpret – this is how our minds work. Our minds are not binary like computers, they’re not the best at making calculations. They are simply amazing tools that create and identify structure/patterns.

Objects, feelings, thoughts … everything you see, you feel, you touch, you perceive is a structure. To us, nothing is free of structure. Nothing can exist outside of structure.

We never stop learning throughout our lives. We learn by identifying, copying and developing structures.

The process that lays at the foundation of everything is observation.


Because in order for anything to exist, there must be something to observe it. If there is nothing or no one to perceive the universe, it does not exist.

Everything that was ever created, everything that exists is a consequence of observation. First, there is observation, need and then creation, design.

In this reality, structure can be observed at each and every level. Individually, we use our Observer to create and perceive structure.

The Observer itself is a structure. But, it’s the structure we use to observe structure. It’s the pattern we use to identify pattern. The Observer is core, it is primordial, it is primary and it is prime.

So, to make things easier to grasp:

  1. Nothing exists if there’s nothing to observe it.
  2. We, humans use structure/pattern to observe/perceive our reality.
  3. Our reality is, consequently, a mix of structures – simple, complex, entangled patterns.
  4. The core structure, the one we use to perceive any other structure is the Observer.
  5. We humans, at our core, use the Observer to create our reality – and make no mistake about it, we each create our own reality. Also, because we install unique structures and observe differently, we create parallel realities.

So what is the Observer, again?

The Observer is your personal, unique tool of creating your reality.

The Observer is your most fundamental structure, the one that you use to observe (thus create) new structures. Basically, we use it to install new structures that we then use to create more complex realities.

The Observer is consciousness itself, it is the awakening to the revelation of existence.

In consequence:

  • Observation birth the universe. All beings that observe participate in this process.
  • The Observer is your core, unique structure, the tool you use to empower observation.
  • The Observer, in the larger sense, is you – the human (that observes the universe) while in a state of presence and awareness (not inertia and ignorance).
  • Observation is the process of bringing awareness on the happening of everything around you.
  • “Connect to your Observer” means connect to your core structure, your processor in order to bring awareness on how you internalize everything.
  • Being in an “Observer state” means being in the state of awareness, of being conscious, present and able to understand the unfolding of each event and correctly interpret it.

How do you use this information and increase quality in your life?

  1. Stop inertia
  2. Connect to your Observer to bring awareness on the context of each moment
  3. Stop judging and find calmness
  4. Uninstall the structures you discover to be obsolete
  5. Install a more efficient and broad understanding of things, (perpetually) based on the complexity of the present context
  6. Never stop, keep updating for the rest of your life – the core of this universe is expansion, and you must not ignore this fundamental reality.

So you start by hitting the brakes and stopping the inertia.

Let me explain: by now you already have a set of values (structures) installed. They’ve set you upon this path that you are now going at full speed on, but only because of inertia. You are an object in motion and will stay in motion unless you act upon using an external force. You may not even be aware of the fact that you lost control long ago. You are moving in a direction without you being behind the steering wheel. You have lost control to a set of obsolete values that are now stopping you from designing a life of quality and instead keep you on the same old dusty road. Stop that! Hit the brakes! Put your hands on the steering wheel! The external (external to inertia) force needed is connecting to your Observer.

By using this observation tool (your Observer) you are bring awareness and now have the ability to watch any scene unfold while learning from it. You can now stop judging people, gain calmness and start focusing on yourself and the interactions.

Are you having an argument with a person? Stop thinking that the other person is wrong and brainstorming what hidden agenda does he/she has and start observing yourself in the moment. No longer are you caught up in the OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) of the moment but are now seeing all of the pieces of the puzzle on the table. You are now able to see the bigger picture.

You will be amazed by the amount of answers you’ll find while in this state. You observe the little details that give insight into the real problem. Because, you see, that’s the thing – When you get into an argument with someone it never is about the real problem. It’s always a mix of a dozen issues that interlink and create the problem. So when you are caught in a crossfire of arguments no real conclusion is reached. People fail to focus on one subject and jump from one to the next in matter of seconds – by the time you have had the chance to express your point the discussion is far into the next topics. By observing all of these from a broader perspective, you are able to stop the inertia of this madness and ignorance. You become response-able, responsible to choose your response, able because of broader understanding.

While in the Observer state, learning how the world works becomes easier.

Day after day, set after set, actors and decors all unfold before your new gain “eyes” and have one end goal – expanding your perspective, gaining deeper understanding into the complexity of the stage.

Know that you are the protagonist, the director, the scenographer and everything else in between because of a simple fundamental reality – everything you perceive is unique. You will only ever know a reality that is perceived by your own Observer. So each and every one of us creates his/her own reality, a parallel universe to any other one person.

You will never really know or understand a different person. That would only be possible if you would be that person, which is absurd. (I’ll explain more of the mechanics of this in a later chapter and the absurdity of saying “if I were you”).

Focus on the details, see how you react now, compare to your past reactions (both verbally and physically), read the body language of the others, notice the props available, ask questions, do not make assumptions, do not take things personally and always do your best in any situation – this is what builds up to increased awareness, small increments by always focusing on the best output.

Insights into how you and your Observer functions will soon ensue. Let the exercise of each new scene train you and do not obsess over the lessons you should be learning in the moment. They are subject to delayed assimilation and most of the times you’ll become aware of them in later events.

Uninstalling old and toxic beliefs (structures) happen automatically because of new realization and ideas. This is good news as you do not need to take any direct or energy-consuming action. Simply, when you have a new revelation you, most of the times, overwrite the toxic and outdated beliefs/structures you had. This will bring awe and clarity. You will be amazed of how obvious it is. You’ll think: “how in the world did I not see this before?”

Again, no part of this process is forced. It all comes from within, uninstalling and installing both being side effects of connecting to your Observer. The newly installed structures are in complete harmony with your place in the world and will help you better connect to it.

I previously mentioned that this transformation requires that you are not influenced by other people. So, never run by them what you have learned while in the Observer state. That will only make you doubt yourself and it’s something that you are not shielded from, quite yet. You need no confirmation or approval. Remember you are permanently creating your own universe. How or why would you expect others to understand the overwhelming complexity of the laws that it runs by? Don’t! They never will, nor will you ever understand theirs!

Nothing other than expansion should be your goal!

We’ve already established that no approval is needed, no changing the world can be done.

Then, what’s left?

Evolve! Expand!

Simply follow the most fundamental law of this universe (of which you are an integral part of) –


Simply put, your purpose is to live and grow!

That’s it!

You have no obligation to become rich, no obligation to any career path, no obligation to get involved in any of the society’s structures, nor prove anything to your kin.

What is success, what is happiness, what is money, what is health, what is love?

You will design the answers to all of these, and I guarantee that most are so different from what they sell you!

Enough is enough! False and ignorance must be kept at bay.

If we want to have even the slightest chance of achieving fulfilment, then we need to become aware, observe and correct our understanding of this world.

How can you become a champion at playing the game of life if you were taught the wrong rules?

You can’t. You need to know the right ones!

But who will teach you the right rules?

Forever only you, the Observer!