We’re about to wake up from a very bad dream. A dream of poor imagination. A dream in which Level 1 Thinking was wide spread – both on a personal and a collective level.

On a personal level, what usually brings an awakening is intense suffering. I mentioned before that inertia can be stopped by observation and observation may be triggered by hitting rock bottom. When one cannot continue living in the old and corrupt universe he/she created, something breaks, they enter maintenance mode and that means uninstalling old structures and installing new ones.

On a macro level, the whole world is about to go through such a process.

Has it gone through intense suffering?

Very much so.

Our history is stained by disease, war, death, fear, enslavement… (I’d hate to continue this list).

I see humankind as a person (one body). Each human goes through different stages – that is birth, early childhood, teenage, adulthood, old age and death. Humankind had a beginning, then beautiful many millennia of living in harmony with the ecosystem (early childhood), learning and playing, and is now about to graduate from teenage and go into early adulthood.

Isn’t teenhood the most difficult? Is it a struggle on a personal level? Didn’t we all make choices that hurt other, without us being aware of it, in our teenhood?

I would argue it so.

So, what is happening (this transition we are in now) is not a need to rebel to a structure but is simply the evolution of that structure.

Sure, it’s easy to set the blame on specific people in our history and say if they weren’t brought to life, the whole world would be a better place now. It’s as simple as knowing the lottery numbers one day after they’ve been picked. Seems so obvious now but yesterday was complete mystery. Of course this is all just a mirage – a Level 1 Thinking pattern that simplifies context in order to extract an idea to build upon. Ignoring the context is the field of ignorance. Nothing from our past can be subject to change. Instead of ignorantly wishing for different events to have happened, let’s just realize that it all was meant to be, and simply, although sometimes counterintuitive, it’s just evolution doing its thing.

A body is a collection of cells. A species is a collection of bodies. Each individual in our species is simply a cell in this collective person we name humankind.

Now, each cell has its small part (function) and may be ignorant of the existence of the body. It is under the influence of the body, that is to say that the body has systems to integrate the cell and evolve by setting it to purpose.

Can a single cell change the whole body? It may feel so while ignoring the context. Rather, the body is changing itself using the cell.

Now, keep this in mind while considering this simple statement that we see painted all over the place – “let’s change the world”.

People are lead on this path by the romantic idea that they can literally change the world. What this does is create frustration and a need to intervene, to impose some kind of change on the other. While this virus hides under “white cloths” of doing good it’s actually mind twisting and a very subtle misinterpretation. It pushes one on a path of false, trying to achieve the unachievable, under the false pretense of doing greater good. Instead of focusing on self and expanding one’s consciousness, this forces one to focus on assuming what the humankind needs and imposing an arbitrary direction.

How can one simple cell be aware of the complexity of the whole body? Such complexity is only comprehensible to the collective mind and not the individual one. How can one individual claim that he/she understands the impact of this type of change, and ensure that any possible outcome is beneficial. If not all simulation turn to a good outcome, then it means that the person wanting to “change the world” is actually selfish and only considers the benefits of self. It may only be aware of self-benefit, while ignoring the whole body. Isn’t this exactly what cancer cell is?

Let me ask:

Do you completely understand how the world works, on each and every level?

Are you aware of the exact position you are in relation to everything else?

Can you ensure the outcome of your actions will benefit all, to the very last person involved?

Are you alienated by the world, and can act with outside energy that is not directly provided by the same body that you are trying to change?

I’ll stop now, as it’s obvious we’re forcing imagination here.

The reason why I painted the above pictures is to say “You cannot change the world, but rather the world is changing itself through you”.

You are integrated. You are part of context. You are energized by the whole. You have a position and a function. You are not powered by an external force.

Stop looking for ways to change the world – it’s simply a waste of time. The world constantly changes itself. It’s alive. It’s aware (collectively) and will never stop evolving.

We are all just drops in a big ocean (if you prefer this metaphor). The ocean does whatever it wants to do to a drop, and needs no approval.

Get the thought of changing the world out of your mind patterns. By doing so, you’re freeing up resources to invest into your growing awareness. Painting a more complex picture of where you fit into the whole context, actually puts you in a very favorable position – the position of being integrated in beneficial change, started by the world itself. You see, in nature, the most adaptable organisms are the ones to evolve and survive – so, invest all in growing your adaptability and broadness, in order to be relevant for longer and get integrated in this world’s bigger expansion projects.

There is no need of “changing the world” while going through the upcoming transformation. What is needed though is updating the self, as part of a general system update.

A general update would require rechecking all systems, finding the outdated ones and update everything to ensure compatibility to the new system version.

All are simply, reasonable updates. All of these updates fall into the field of Level 2 Thinking, and are clearly felt while in the Observer state. The process of doing so is personal, and varies profoundly from one person, to the next. The most important thing is starting the introspection process. You’ll find the way is clearly described within.

There is an upcoming transformation, a general migration from the old mind patterns. Humankind is evolving from teenhood to adulthood and there is a general perspective shift happening right now.

There’s a disrupting mindset in every field, and this is exactly what powers this transition.

People noticed that trying to patch up old structures, and bring them to speed, is not the best approach, and instead, they are building new structures from scratch, systems that are efficient, flexible, decentralized and shielded from corruption.

More and more people are living outside the system, designing a life that is blind to the fake lifestyle old structures promote. Million dollar homes, cars and jewelry are a fake dream and are far from bringing fulfillment. Instead, people find value in human connection, optimization and minimalism, budget travelling and focusing on experiences and expansion, rather than possessing things.

People crave for self-design and becoming self-sufficient. They want to work in an environment where they feel they bring real value, and do not want to be enslaved by doing repetitive, unsatisfying work.

They want to break the “you need to” and “you should” patterns and change that with “I want” and “I enjoy”.

“You need to get a job. You need to start a family. You need to have pension. You need to buy a car. You need to own a house.”

No, you don’t need to do anything. These are all just lies – simple, outdated structures.

You only have to dig deep within, realize what makes you feel alive and fulfill your becoming. Focus on what you desire and enjoy and bring that to this world.

Breaking the cycle of these outdated structures is what’s upcoming.